Recreation Hot Tub

Our entertainment Hot Tubs have the best a Hot Tub has to offer. Larger clearance and all the most popular features for pleasure and fun when gathered with your family and friends.

Inspiration Recreation Hot Tub

› 7 place seating and 1 bed
› 90” x 110” x 38” (229 x 279 x 96cm)
› 528 gallons (1999 liters)
› 4 kW water heater
› 78 two-tone jets
› 3 dual speed 5 SPL pumps
› 4 head rests
› Touch screen
› Standard acrylic: Sterling Marble

Inspiration Hot Tub

Inspiration Recreation Hot tub
Number of places : 8 Roxul® insulation Cartridge filter Ozone water cleaning system
Bluetooth station 4 speakers stereo system Lighted waterfall Perimeter lighting
Thermal cover


UV water treatment WiFi technology
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Inspiration Recreation

User Manual

Inspiration Recreation

Balboa® equipment

Balboa® equipment

Equipped for Wi-Fi, rust and impact-resistant housing and easy programming for use with long or short pressure.

Polysteel Cabinets

Polysteel Cabinet

Its unique style and modern design gives a touch of elegance to your hot tub. Designed with water-proof polymer, the Polysteel® cabinet requires little maintenance, and comes in three colors.

Lighted waterfalls

Lighted waterfalls

Many DEL lights in a variety of colors surround the hot tub. They light up the waterfalls around the hot tub.

Tapered thermal cover

Thermal cover

The 5:3 thermal cover seals firmly to your hot tub’s coping; significantly reducing operating costs and assisting in keeping your water chemistry in balance. The angle helps keep water off your cover to give it a longer lifespan.

Greenguard® insulation layer

>Greenguard® insulation layer

More than just insulation, this technology works by thermal retention. Insulation technology allows warm air to be retained inside the cabinet, which helps reduce heating costs.

Galvanized steel structure

Galvanized steel structure

This method of manufacturing ensures an unparallel structural integrity. It is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the hot tub.

Standard plumbing with color code

Standard plumbing with color code

Color code plumbing makes it easy to recognize the hot tub's internal plumbing system.

Quick-Connect water heater

Connection rapide

The Quick-Connect system provides an easy access to the water heater. It can easily be removed and reinstalled for maintenance purposes.


Inspiration Recreation

Sterling Marble

Sterling Marble

The surface of our multi-layer shell is vacuum shaped from a single sheet of acrylic Lucite® and treated with Microban®, an antimicrobial protection layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.
Lucite® Acrylic provides an exceptional protection from UV rays effect.

Polysteel Cabinet

Hot Tub Cabinet

Espresso Cabinet

Cabinet Espresso Grey Cabinet Black Cabinet

The cabinet is water-proof, impact-resistant and requires little maintenance.
It will keep its original look for years.
Available in Grey, Black or Espresso.


The hot tub on display is shown as an example. Some specifications may differ.

About Inspiration by Sunrise Spas

In collaboration with the Canadian manufacturer, Sunrise Spas, your SIMA dealer offers a range of trendy Hot Tubs in European inspired designs. This range of Inspiration hot tubs, developed exclusively for SIMA, offers exclusive and unique features. Produced by a manufacturer well known for their reliability and quality of products for over two decades, you can already start relaxing.

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