Latham Above Ground Pool Liners

Latham vinyl liners for above-ground pools are manufactured using the same processes as our legendary inground pool liners. Virtually maintenance free, Latham above-ground liners are easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

Styles available online

  • › Custom designed and manufactured
  • › 100% pure vinyl
  • › Algae inhibitor
  • › Bleach resistant inks prevents fading
  • › UV protection against sun exposure
No content currently available.
  • Titan Ridge

    Titan Ridge

  • Bonneville Mosaic

    Tan Mountain

  • Tan Mosaic

    Tan Mosaic

  • Blue Denali

    Blue Denali

  • Blue Slate

    Blue Slate

  • Ocean Wave

    Ocean Wave

  • Boulder Bay

    Boulder Bay

  • Niagara Prism

    Niagara Prism

  • Diamond Wave

    Diamond Wave

  • Brighton Prism

    Brighton Prism

  • Royal Heritage

    Royal Heritage

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