Kool Kit

Minimize the Maintenance.

Complete your chemical maintenance program in only 5 minutes - once a week with the KOOL KIT, allowing you more time to enjoy your pool.

15 week pool care program with zinc
(for pools up to 90,000 liters)

Step 1

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Once a week empty contents of one package of S.W.A.T. directly above water return.

Step 2

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Once a week add one KOOL TAB with Zinc into the skimmer.

Step 3

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Once a week (until product is used up) pour around the pool 45 ml of KOOL 300 per 10,000 liters of pool water.

Step 4

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pH and chlorine by the pool owner once a week.

Step 5

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free at your SIMA retailer every 3 weeks

Less routine... more summertime play!


  1. After one week of treatment, bring a sample of water to your SIMA retailer for an in-depth evaluation of your parameters.
  2. Your pool water must be maintained throughout the 15 week program, with the following pool water parameters to guarantee the results and validate the ALGAE FREE GUARANTEE of your KOOL KIT with Zinc. For your convenience, we have included a water sample bottle to fill and take to your SIMA retailer for water testing.

The parameter range for usage of the KOOL KIT with Zinc is:

› Free Chlorine : 1.0 - 3.0 ppm
› pH : 7.4 - 7.6
› Alkalinity; : 80 - 120 ppm
› Hardness; : 200 - 300 ppm
› Standard Acrylic: Sterling Marble
› Stabilizer; : 40 - 60 ppm

  1. Your pump and filter must be in operation a minimum of 16 hours per day for ideal circulation and filtration. During July and August, it is recommended to run your pump 24 hours a day.

    Note: If using a water-heater, run pump 24 hours.

  2. Direct return fitting to obtain best circulation and water flow in pool and step area.
  3. Clean skimmer basket and basket in pump regularly to prevent water flow restriction and allow chlorine addition to pool water.
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