Inground Fiberglass Pools

Trilogy Pools partners with the best resin suppliers in the United States, and selects the best raw materials available.

Our quality control system ensures that your pool will be durable and beautiful. We can tell you the day your pool was built, the shop conditions, the glass technicians, the lot and batch numbers of your resin, and even retain a piece of your pool in our files—FOREVER! Take a look at the actual manufacturing process and you'll see why a Trilogy Pool equals Peace of Mind!

When purchasing a swimming pool, there are a few things that simplify your decision to purchase from one company or another. One of them is the warranty. How good is it? Who stands behind it? And will that company stand behind it when something unexpected happens?

The Trilogy Pool Warranty is the result of many years experience building thousands of swimming pools for families across the nation. When you purchase a Trilogy Pool, you can be assured that we stand behind our lifetime ownership warranty.

Some of the Highlights of Your New Trilogy Pool Warranty:

  • › Quality Control Documentation Packet kept on fi le forever!
  • › Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • › Lifetime Surface Warranty

Some might call this Overkill; we call it Peace of Mind!

Find out more about inground fiberglass pools over at Trilogy's website!

1. Coping Options
Brick, Concrete, or Stone Coping provides an elegant and durable fi nished edge around your Trilogy Pool®.

2. Interlocking Bond Beam
The Bond Beam is formed when concrete from the deck is poured around and up next to the coping of the pool. This step structurally ties your deck to the outside of the swimming pool shell.

3. HydroStone/ Gelcoat
Whether you choose one of our 6 beautiful HydroStone finishes or white gelcoat, you are assured of maintenance-free durability for years to come.

4. Vinyl Ester Resin
This layer protects the finish of your pool and provides extreme resistance to even the most corrosive chemicals.

5. General Purpose (GP) Resin
This structural layer provides the rigidity needed for transportation and installation of the swimming pool.

6. Woven Roving GP Resin
This 24 oz. woven glass cloth is the final laminate for a Trilogy Pool. The glass cloth encases the entire pool in a network of fiberglass. The end result is a swimming pool with outstanding structural integrity.

These simple built-in features require very litt le water and are economical to run around the clock. A simple way to create outdoor elegance.

Trilogy’s wall form panels make Fusion’s stylish features easy to install! Ask your builder for more details.

Another exclusive Trilogy feature: spillways and spillovers as wide or as narrow as you desire. You can also add as many as you want!

Easily accomodates 6” x 6” tiles, greatly expanding your tile selection options.

Innovation at its fi nest! Add a tanning ledge, some beach chairs and an umbrella. Before you know it, you’ve got your very own Stay-cation.


Homeowners deserve the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing their swimming pool is built with the best materials—to the highest standards—providing years of
trouble-free enjoyment.

For over 14 years Trilogy Pools has offered the best finishes available in the composite and swimming pool industry. Already a market leader with state-of-the-art research
and development capabilities, Trilogy continues to develop new surface technologies. The result of its continued drive for excellence: HydroStone, the most beautiful and
durable finish ever.

HydroStone pushes pool surface technology to the next level. HydroStone is a proprietary blend of engineered based resins combined with the highest performing colored particles available. In addition to its superior durability, independent lab testing reveals that HydroStone provides unsurpassed:

  • › Blister-Resistance
  • › Fade-Resistance
  • › Chemical -Resistance
  • › Anti-Yellowing
  • › Protection from the Long-Term Effects of UV Exposure
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